XP3’s New 3 Year Scope and Cycle

The XP3 team is excited to announce our new detailed three-year Scope and Cycle. XP3 will offer fresh content that covers 48 weeks per year. All series will be featured and released in seasons. Each season is three months—which is 12 weeks of content—and will include four series. Here is how we’ve set up the seasons:

• Fall – Aug, Sept, Oct

• Winter – Nov, Dec, Jan

• Spring – Feb, Mar, April

• Summer – May, June, July

We will always have two seasons available as the featured tabs and the new season will appear two months in advance of its timeframe.

New Categories

We all know that there are natural rhythms in a students’ life—times when it’s easier or more relevant to address certain topics. So, the Scope and Cycle will feature series based on those rhythms within the seasons. Also, we will now be identifying series within one of the following five categories:

• Grow Spiritually

• Examine Biblically

• Decide Personally

• Connect Rationally

• Serve Actively

You Still Have a Choice!

The Available series tab will house several “core” series from our archives that also fit into the above categories. You can choose to license the featured series with the suggested season or you can choose to license a core series instead. Either way, that series will be licensed and available to you for one year from the date of selection—even if it’s retired from the rotation.

One More Thing

As of the Fall season (beginning in August), we will be including the bumper video as part of the downloadable content for every XP3 series release.

The new Scope and Cycle kicks in with the fall 2013 season, but will start to appear on the XP3 matrix starting the first week of June. So while things may look a little different, it’s just our “rethinking” things to make them more focused and to help you have a big picture strategy for your student ministry.

If you have any questions, please contact your XP3 Orange Specialist, and we’ll be glad to help you with this transition

Orange Conference 2018