We just finished our first XP3 Hangouts on Air with 9 awesome people around the WORLD.

In this hangout we covered Social Media as a topic, and covered the following questions:

  1. How do you teach on social media to your students and to your parents (What do you do and say?)
  2. What are best ways you are using social media in your student ministry?
  3. What social media tools, resources, tips would you recommend to other student pastors?

Special thanks to the following people for participating:

Bekah C Miller | Bjorn Burrows | Elle Campbell | Dan Puz | Ian Rock | Matthew Plunkett | Nate Reeves | Nathan Want | Mike Edens

See the recorded hangout below:

Here are some great and helpful social media resources that were mentioned in our XP3 Hangout:

–  Utilize constant contact

–  Instafeed brought to you by Stuff You Can Use

–  Studio Design App that make pics look  awesome

–  Diptic app makes cool collage pics

–  Use Hootsuite, Postso.com and Buffer for social media management

–  Leverage instagram video for special holidays.  I.e.  Insta-Christmas.  Check out this insta-Christmas video Nathan Want’s church in Australia did last Christmas

–  A report brought to you be Barna — The State of the Church and Family:  How Technology is Helping Families – and Where They Need Help

–  Great social media books:  Social Church by Justin Wise, Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk. and A Parents Guide To Understanding Social Media:  Helping Your Teenager Navigate Life Online by Adam Mclane

–  Great website to learn about youth culture:  CPYU and The Source For Youth Ministry

What resources would you add to the list?

Orange Conference 2018