XP3 Student Daily Devotionals: Now on YouVersion

Picture this.

You’re in a room full of students. Maybe it’s your Large Group gathering on a Sunday night. Maybe it’s your Small Group scattered around some couches. Maybe it’s just a few students huddled around a table for a breakfast before school or a late afternoon coffee.

Wherever it is, the attention is on you as you’re sharing some important truth with those students. To illustrate your point, you ask them to look up a specific passage in the Bible to read together.

You pause, waiting for the sound of shuffling as they open their backpacks to pull out their Bibles. You listen for the sound of turning pages as they find their way to that particular passage.

Except none of that actually happens. There’s no unzipping of bags, no Bibles thumping on the table, no whipping of pages as they turn. In case you didn’t know it, the days of Bible drills are over, my friends.

Instead, you’re met with the faint blue light glow coming from the phones of teenagers all around you as they head to their handy Bible app.

This is the world we’re living in now! Most students (and really, most people!) are regularly accessing everything that’s important to them on their phones first. From banking information and receipts to photos and emails, and yes, even the tools they need for spiritual growth, people are going mobile first.

According to a recent study by the Barna Group, the use of digital formats to access and read the Bible has steadily climbed since 2011. Now more than half the people who read the Bible are searching for or reading their content on the Internet or smartphone. Another 42% is accessing it through the Bible app on their phones.

That’s why we at XP3 decided to make the shift to meet your students where they are: their phones!

(DISCLAIMER: While we see value in students accessing the Bible digitally, we still believe there is a lot of value in students using physical Bibles.)

So here’s the good news:

All of our student Daily Devotionals are now available exclusively on the YouVersion Bible app!

I’ll pause while you celebrate!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the celebratory dance party out of the way, let me tell you what that means for you, your students, your leaders, and your ministry as a whole.

  • It’s an option.

First things first, you just need to know that these devotionals are available to you and your students. Created to correspond with each series for both XP3 Middle School and High School, the Daily Devotionals feature a short verse or passage of scripture and brief prompt designed to engage your students in thinking about the way that verse might apply to their lives. Each prompt encourages students to think through one of the four faith skills: hear, talk, pray, or live.  Essentially, they’re just a little something extra that your students can read on a daily basis throughout the week to keep thinking through the content they hear on Sunday.

  • It’s easy to access.

Finding these devotionals is super, super easy! To read the Daily Devotionals that go along with each series, download the YouVersion Bible app on iOS or Android, or visit Bible.com. Just search for the series title in the Reading Plans section to get started.

  • They’re already there waiting for you.

Devotionals for both XP3 Middle School and High School are already on the app ready and waiting for you! We launched in the app during our Summer 2018 season so devos for series included in that season and beyond will be in the app for you to access. If you’re not working on our Scope and Cycle, that’s okay! You can always find any devos starting with our Summer 2018 season in the app.

What does that mean exactly? Essentially, here are the series you can find so far:

XP3 Middle School:

Game Plan





Says Who?



XP3 High School:

Inside Out

Into the Wild


What’s the Catch?

I Have Questions

Like A Boss

Subject to Change

The Greatest 

  • It creates opportunities for conversation.

Having the devos available to anyone on the Bible app means that anyone associated with your ministry can find them! It’s a great opportunity to create conversation with parents, volunteers, other leaders in your ministry, and of course, your Small Group Leaders. In fact, your Small Group Leaders will be prompted to read the devos in their weekly email! So remind them that they can not only access the devos and read them together as a Small Group, but they as leaders can use them as jumping off points for conversation with their students as they read. 

  • You can share it with others.

Encourage your students to join you and your Small Group Leaders in reading the Daily Devotionals each day. Pass the info on to your parents so they can read them as their students do. Encourage your student ministry volunteers to get on the devo train, too! Having them available on the Bible app makes sharing them with the people working in around and your ministry easy to do! Point them to the app and encourage them to join you in reading the Daily Devotionals as you walk through the series together.

Okay, now you know where to find the Daily Devotionals for each series. So what are you waiting for? Head over the YouVersion Bible app and get started reading today!

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