It’s September, but here in North Georgia the high today will be in the upper 80s. So together, let’s close our eyes and imagine cooler weather and lower humidity by talking about our brand new series for Winter 2018!

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When it comes to beliefs, most little kids just assume the faith and practices of their parents. That’s why youth ministry is so important. During the high school years, students begin to investigate and cultivate a faith of their own that’s separate from family, church, and even you. And that’s a good thing. Research shows that teenagers with an active personal faith are far more likely to stay connected to that faith long after they leave high school. So in this series we’ll look at five things that God uses to grow a student’s faith from something they’re taught by others to something they can call their very own.


I Have Questions


This is the latest installment in our collection of standalone talks that tackle some big questions that high schoolers are asking.

Will Following Jesus Make Me Unhappy?
Let’s be honest (we’re friends here): Every believer has struggled with this question, whether you’re 16 or 36. We wonder, If I follow Jesus . . .

·     Will I become boring?
·     Will I have to stop listening to my favorite music? 
·     Will I have to miss all fun social settings?
·     Will I have to become a missionary even if I hate travel?

It’s a fair question, because there will definitely be times we have to say NO to get to the better YES that God has in mind. That’s why in this session we’ll discover what Jesus really wants for us as His followers. And spoiler alert: It’s way better than we think.

Is My Phone Good or Bad?
We know. When students first hear this topic, their eyes will roll all the way back to their neck. In fact, we asked students from around the country what they would think if their youth pastor talked about cell phones and their answers were overwhelmingly similar: “Don’t tell us we’re addicted. We know that. But what are we supposed to do about it?” That’s why we address this tension at the very beginning: Yes, we’re talking about your phones. No, we’re not telling you to throw them away. Phones are the primary way your students interact with the world. So we believe that this is one of the most vital conversations you can have right now. In this session we’ll move the conversation from simply good-or-bad, and instead encourage students to apply a new standard to their phone use: Is what I’m doing good for me?


Christmas Break


By definition, Christmas Break is awesome. Why? Because it . . .
A. It takes place during the Christmas season.
B. It’s a break from school.

But just because students are supposed to get a break, it doesn’t mean it always works out that way. These weeks can be filled with travel, nonstop family, and chaos in general. Plus, for students facing tension at home, these few weeks can feel like more of a breaking point than a break. That’s why we think this series, written by our good friend Doug Fields, will be one your students really connect with. If you’ve been in student ministry for longer than ten minutes, you’ve probably heard of Doug Fields. He’s one of the pioneers of student ministry and has invested over thirty years into leading, understanding, and teaching all things student ministry. And it’s that experience in youth ministry that really shines as we take a fresh look at one of the most familiar passages of the Christmas story. In this series, we’ll talk about what it means to serve a God Who shows up to broken people in broken places and declares “peace” and “good will” to everyone right where we are, no matter our circumstances.


Sorry Not Sorry


One of the most difficult challenges of being a teenager (or a human, for that matter) is learning to forgive people. Maybe we’re holding a grudge against a friend who hurt us. Maybe we can’t get over what a parent said or did. Or maybe we’re the ones who need forgiving. No matter the situation, forgiveness is tough for ALL of us. In this series we’ll talk about why we should forgive, how to forgive, and what to do when someone who hurts you is sorry…and when they’re not-so-sorry.

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