XP3 High School Spring 2019 SEASON RELEASE

It’s here, friends! The first season of XP3 High School curriculum for 2019 is officially here. We can’t wait to tell you about it! So let’s jump in:
Famous Last Words
This year we’re starting our Easter series a bit earlier than usual. That’s because we’re taking time to focus on some of the famous last words shared by Jesus before and after His death and resurrection. In this five-week series we’ll look at some big statements on some big topics, like unity, trust, and the unfair grace of a gracious God.
As someone who works with students, let’s face it. Sometimes it’s tough for a teenager to connect the dots between dressing up for Easter Sunday, Peeps, a holiday lunch and what we’re actually celebrating. So it’s our prayer that this series will help your students see Jesus more clearly and understand the Good News of His death and resurrection more fully.
Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. In this series we’re talking about sex. And talking about sex is one of the trickiest conversations we’ll have with students. At the same time, we all know how important this subject is. So we’ve devoted four weeks to helping students see what sex was made for and what it was never meant to be.
Now, there are a couple of things to consider before you begin this series. First, it can be really helpful to let parents know ahead of time that you’re having these conversations and what you’re talking about. Second, this series could be part of a church-wide conversation. If your church subscribes to other Orange curriculums, every age group will experience a Made series that will include similar themes and ideas. Now, each Made series is age-appropriate, of course. For example, preschoolers will learn that “God made me.”  But no matter their age, we want every kid to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We hope that incorporating these truths now will lay a foundation for the conversations you will have with them as they get older.
Direct Message
Have you ever left somebody on read? As a youth worker, you’ve probably heard your students use that phrase, “on read,” to talk about somebody who gets their text or their Instagram message, reads it…and then doesn’t respond. Not okay, right? I bring this up because, when it comes to prayer, a lot of students feel like God is leaving them on read. Like their prayers don’t work or God doesn’t care because He doesn’t respond in the way they expect Him to. That’s why in this two-week series we’re going to talk about what prayer is, what it’s meant to be, and how God can use prayer whether or not we get the response we’re hoping for.
I Have Questions: How Do You Talk About Suicide?
This standalone talk may be one of the most important messages you deliver this year. Whether or not you’ve experienced a suicide in your community or your ministry, that statistics are clear. 1 in 9 students attempt suicide. 1 in 6 think about it. That means as leaders, this is a question we must address. And because this topic is so important, we wanted to do all we can to support you as lead your ministry through this conversation. So we worked with professional counselors and experts to create a few extra resources like conversation guides, podcasts, and a guide to help prepare your volunteers and parents for this crucial conversation. And from one leader to another, losing a student to suicide is THE hardest thing I’ve ever been through. So my prayer for you and your students is that God will use this conversation to bring about honest conversations, healing, and hope.
On behalf of the whole team, thanks again for letting us partner with you as you lead the next generation. You can find out more about XP3 High School and this brand new season of Spring 2019 curriculum HERE.
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