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We believe that students aren’t discipled from a stage; they’re discipled up close, in a circle, at eye level. If you’re an XP3 partner, you already know that every week of every XP3 series is designed to set up your students and small group leaders for meaningful discussion.

But before students and leaders can engage in meaningful conversation, they simply need to engage in a conversation. For most of your small group leaders, this probably means asking the same questions week after week:

“How was your week?”
“Did you do anything fun?”
“Anything interesting happen at school?”
“What’s up?”

And more of than not, the answers your leaders are getting are:

“Nothing fun really.”
“Just a normal week.”
“Not much.”

What if we started asking better questions? Questions that not only interest students, but also help equip your small group leaders to learn about their students at a new level. Questions that are important in the lives of students all across the world. Questions like:

“Unicorns—real or fake? Explain your view.”
“Would you rather have a robot or a helpful monkey?”
“What’s something you would never eat with cheese?”

Ok. Maybe these aren’t the questions students in your ministry are wresting with on a day to day basis. But, they are valuable in helping your leaders engage students immediately, which is crucial at the beginning of any small group discussion. If leaders can’t engage students at the very beginning of group, they won’t have their attention when it’s time lead into to more meaningful conversation.

While these questions won’t lead anyone to salvation, they will…
open up the quiet kid,
make group fun right away,
and help you get to know your few.

This is where the Lead Small Icebreaker Box can help. It’s the largest collection of small group starter questions on the planet! The Lead Small Icebreaker Box comes with 300 questions made uniquely for a small group experience. And you can win one for FREE for your small group leaders. Just visit the Lead Small Facebook Page, like the page, and leave a comment with your best icebreaker question and you’ll be entered to win! Submit your question soon because the giveaway closes on July 1st.

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