Why Should Churches Consider Having a Unique Middle School Ministry? (An Interview with Tom Shefchunas)

You know you’re talking to a phase expert when they answer the, “Why is this the most important phase?” question with a smile and a simple “because it is.”

Tom Shefchunas doesn’t just have the gift of simplification and sarcasm, he’s actually one of the smartest leaders we know when it comes to understanding the world of middle school. Shef has passion unlike any other for creating a safe place where every middle schooler knows they belong. His life mission—to do for a few what he wishes he could do for everyone—may be one reason he’s been able to grow and lead a ministry that now reaches over 3,000 middle schoolers every week. Recently, Shef has joined the Orange team full-time and is now pouring all of his experience into the student strategy through XP3.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Shef to ask him some questions. With so much experience leading a hugely influential middle school ministry, we couldn’t help but ask the question, “Why should churches consider having a unique middle school ministry?” Check out this interview to hear his answer:

Orange Conference 2018