Who’s New To The XP3 Team: Ben Crawshaw

Recently, I (Jeremy) had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Crawshaw, our new Creative Director of XP3 Students.  I thought it would be fun to pick Ben’s brain about his experience as a student pastor, passion for students and what is on the horizon for XP3 this coming year.  Ben is a student ministry veteran, always on the creative edge, a principled and compassionate leader and balances a professional, practical and comedic leadership style.   So without further adieu….here’s what Ben had to say in this “exclusive unofficial interview”.


Why are you involved in student ministry? 

I love working with two groups of people—students and student pastors.  There are well over 16 million high school students in the United States.  That represents a lot of work to be done!  If people who want to reach students can’t rally together, we’re in serious trouble.

What were you doing before you got to Orange/XP3 Students?

I was the Creative Director for high school ministry (called InsideOut) at North Point Community Church.  I did programming, media, events, curriculum, and bulk shopping at Costco.  InsideOut has five campuses, with attendance ranging from 50 students at our smallest campus to 800 at our largest.  So I feel like it gave me a decent idea of how to make content exportable to student ministries that vary in size.

 What about XP3 excites you the most?

I love all of it—helping student pastors succeed, taking things off their plate, adding creativity, strategizing, listening, creating opportunities for students to serve/learn/experience, on and on I could go!

But if I had to pick one thing, it’s small groups.  In my opinion, our greatest chance to succeed with the next generation comes from the relationships that are facilitated by groups.  I believe XP3 has incredible potential to help churches strategize in that arena.

What are some of your dreams and hopes for XP3 in 2013?

Hmmmm.  Great question.  A few things I’d love to do:

  • Have our 3-year scope & cycle ready to launch by August ’13.
  • Have more churches utilizing our video communicators.
  • Get to know more of our XP3 partners.
  • Expand the national conversation on small groups.
  • Get an XP3 mascot.  I’m thinking something waterfowl or insect pest related.  Maybe a Freckled Duck?  Spur-winged Goose?  Tsetse fly?  Okay, I’m done.

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