What’s New For XP3

Every Orange Conference — XP3 releases what’s new and exciting that student ministry leaders can benefit from by being an XP3 leader.

Here are 6 new initiatives XP3 is launching for Orange Conference:

1. More Content Strategy. Updated and upgraded curriculum calendar.

2. More Communication Help. Don’t just read the scripts, see and hear the delivery.

3. More Leadership Voices. Learn from some of the best learners out there. Annual XP3 partners get so many leadership training tools: articles, podcasts and teaching videos.

4. More Allies. Partner with our new partners! Doug Fields, Kara Powell, Josh Griffin and downyouthministry.com are partnering with XP3 to give student pastors more resources that help their student ministry win!

5. More Fuel For Leaders. Resources to help leaders connect with God before they connect students to God.

6. More Curriculum For Middle Schoolers! That’s right — XP3 is debuting the new middle school curriculum. We are so excited.

Orange Conference 2018