What To Do With The Bird

Happy Thanksgiving XP3’ers!

In our spirit of thankfulness, for you of course, we’d like to share our top tip (and some advice) for having an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.  Here’s our tip: Fry a turkey.  There are other things that undoubtedly factor into your enjoyment – but we can’t control whether your football team wins or whether you have to travel to see your in-laws.  However, we can give you tips on how to (and how not to) successfully fry a turkey.

Tip:  Don’t do this: 

Advice:  Stop worrying about Archimedes and just make sure you don’t overfill your fryer with oil.  And don’t be the guy who tries to fry a turkey in his garage.

Tip: Do this instead:  

Advice: Following the right steps (including building a derrick) will keep things safe…and fun

Finally, it’s already Tuesday so time to get shopping!  Here are your instructions for building your derrick and frying your turkey:



*Disclaimer: As always, XP3 cannot be held responsible for any turkey fryer explosions

**Credit for technique and recipe to Alton Brown.  If you like food, follow him on Twitter @altonbrown

Bon Appetite/Happy Thanksgiving!

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