Volunteer at Orange Conference!

My name is Ben Nunes, and as of this past December I joined the Orange staff as an XP3 Orange Specialist. Prior to joining Orange I was working for another company on their sales team, but I would still volunteer at The Orange Conference. Not out of need but out of the desire to grow, learn, network and for pure enjoyment. As a small group leader of students I found great value in spending quality time with many of the speakers, vendors and Orange staff. Even while working behind-the-scenes to make this exciting week happen, I found that they would make time to talk and laugh with me. After several years of volunteering, I love that I now get to be on staff and be a part of all of the behind-the-scenes activities, and I don’t have to take a week vacation to do so!

Why did I volunteer my time?

I volunteered because I stand behind this concept of Family Ministry. As a small group leader myself I got to see first hand the benefit of families coming together with the church to make a greater impact on students. I want to do whatever I can to see many others grasp this strategy and put it into action at their own churches.

I volunteered because well, it was FREE! Yes, let me be the first to admit I love FREE. Not only do I get the chance to surround myself with thousands of people with the same heart but I get to help others discover new things! As I served, I felt like I would walk away fulfilled, challenged, and encouraged to implement what I heard and learned with my own students – the #429tribe as I like to call them. Also, every year I would walk away with a free T-shirt, free knowledge, free friendships and free fulfillment that I would get from serving. Oh, and they fed me too… for free!

I volunteered because I had a myriad of options to choose from in both areas and times to serve. This was helpful for me since I was local, I could go home when I needed to attend to my kids. The Orange Conference volunteer coordinators were exceptionally flexible, they worked with my schedule, and they also provided all the information I needed to help them be successful.

I volunteered because I desired to learn, and meet new people. Every year, I left the conference with new lifelong friends in ministry. I got joy from scanning a tag at a breakout room door, helping someone find a seat or just answering someone’s question.

I volunteered because I believe in Orange as a way of life, even before I joined the team. I’d like to think that “I’m Orange” in ministry and with my own family, and I want to be able to help others implement it in their lives as well.

So, if you want to experience all of this awesomeness but you are limited on time or even funds, remember you can enjoy this as an attendee or a volunteer.

Either way, I hope to see you this year at the Orange Conference!

If you would like to volunteer, click here.
Orange Conference 2018