How To Use XP3 With The Lead Small App

XP3 paired with the Lead Small App is a very powerful combo.

XP3 gives you tools that give you teaching scripts, games, media, parent resources, a teaching strategy and small group questions.  XP3 is designed to save you not only a lot of time but make you look like a rockstar. But how do you actually get into our XP3 site and take advantage of the incredible resources? Here’s a short video you can share with your leaders on how to use our XP3 site so your leaders can download what they want and need:


Now….if you are a GOWEEKLY subscriber, your XP3 subscription becomes more powerful.  One of the coolest things about GOWEEKLY is that you get access to customize the LEAD SMALL APP.  That’s right you get the ability to adapt the app to fit your ministry content and calendar. Again….how does a student ministry capitalize on customizing the LEAD SMALL APP? Here’s a short video that instructs you on how to do so:



Hopefully you found this post helpful as you integrate XP3 with the Lead Small App.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below.

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