Summer Stories and New September XP3 Students Series

By now, your summer is in full swing. But don’t worry, September will be here before you know it. As you anxiously anticipate the start of the new school year (okay, maybe there is a bit more anxiety and a bit less anticipation), we would love to hear how your adventures are going.

From summer camp, to mission trips, to fundraising events—we want the scoop. Give us the highs and lows. How have you seen God working in your students’ lives? Where and how have you been encouraged to keep at the journey of working with your students?

You can post your stories on our XP3 Students Facebook wall or tweet at us on twitter or send us your stories and pictures at

And don’t forget to check out our latest September featured series, “Forward Motion.” (If you’re a long-time XP3 partner, you may recognize the series name. Consider this the 2.0 version of the original Forward Motion series with revised content, more extensive components, new art and new videos!)

Here’s a brief description of this updated three-week series:

We’ve all made resolutions and set goals, but too often we fall short of what we expected to accomplish. Unfortunately, it’s often the same when we try to become the Christian we really believe God has called us to be. We fall short of the goal and become increasingly discouraged. In this series, your student will learn that following Christ is more about the small steps we make every day, not about the huge leaps of faith that we think we need to make. Over the course of this series, your students will set a goal, determine the first step and then make it. And to top it all off, the series will end with a celebration!

For those of you following along with our 2011-2012 Scope and Cycle this summer, be sure to check out the XP for the “Not That Into You” series, the featured series for July. The XP for “Not that Into You” involves putting together a panel of individuals and providing them a series of questions ahead of time to talk about seasons when they weren’t that into God. In allowing these people to share their personal struggles and let students see “behind the scenes” in order to see their personal walk of faith, you are revealing a vulnerable side that your students may not have seen before in these people or in an adult follower of Jesus. And that is a really powerful experience!

We are praying for rest, peace and fun over you and your families this summer!

Let us know how we can help as you prepare and plan for the upcoming school year.


The XP3 Team



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