Social Media In A Day: Inside The Social World of Today’s Teens

Social media has a powerful influence on today’s teens.

In the book Zombies, Football and the Gospel  (Chapters 3 and 8), Reggie Joiner references:

–  46% of 18-24yrs pick internet over having a car

–  53% 16-22yr olds would give up their sense of smell rather than their social network

–  On 2009-2011  # of teens on twitter doubled

–  Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks for teens because parents and adults have not figured it out

Matt McKee, a Social Media guru, pointed out the infographic (Social Media in a Day) that Church Mag published.  Check it out below:



It’s important for student ministry workers to not only show up and communicate with teens on social media, but teach them how to have a healthy Jesus-like presence both off and online.  In fact in one of XP3’s Fall series, Post It, we talk about how the Bible reminds us that what we say—whether online or in person—matters.  And we invite students to rethink what they are saying online.

Our two question for you:  

1.  How do you use social media in your student ministry?

2.  How do you teach healthy social media practices in your student ministry?


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