Series On Their Way Out the Door

In an effort to streamline our available series options, as well as revisit some topics we have covered before in new and fresh ways, XP3 is retiring several series. Because we are consistently producing series that hit at our core insights, occasionally we will retire a series that we feel has run its course, and revisit those topics in a new and fresh way with a brand new series.

After April 8, the following series will not longer be available to license for the first time:

• On the Lot

• Picture Perfect

• Collide

• Grow Up

• The Battle Within

• Pause

• Not That Into You

• The Cross

• Shift

• In the Beginning

• Can You Hear Me?

• Tipping Point

Also, the XP3 Next Conversation Guides have been moved to the Orange Store, and can be purchased there individually as downloadable files.

If you have already licensed any of the above series, they will still be available to you. However, if you have not selected them, you have until April 8 to license them. After that, they will disappear as a download option.


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