RYM 056: Why Should We Care About Race In Our Youth Ministries?

As youth workers, our goal is to prepare our students to be a light wherever they go—especially when it comes to navigating issues like race. This week, join Stuart Hall, Sam Collier, Gerald Fadayomi, and Sarah Anderson for an important conversation on why we should care about race in our youth ministries, what’s at stake if we don’t, and how you can diversify your ministry’s context and your personal world as a youth worker.

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  • We need to prepare our students to be a light and a voice wherever they go. (9:30)
  • We cannot raise the children we were. We have to raise the teenagers we have now. (11:00)
  • You can’t celebrate what you don’t see. If you see every student the same, then you’ll never be able to celebrate the uniqueness that God has given them. (13:30)
  • Our perspective is not reality all the time. (14:00)
  • We’re so conditioned to care about our own. (15:30)
  • Negative peace is peace with the absence of reconciliation. (17:00)
  • The issue of race is not “just history.” It’s personal. It’s part of who our students are. (19:45)
  • Emotions lead to actions. (23:00)
  • When is the best time to talk about this topic with students? (28:00)
  • Are you setting an example that someone of another race has value in your context? (28:30)
  • When you are writing your messages, are you speaking to one audience or bringing in different perspectives? (37:30)
  • A lack of empathy is pointing to an unintentional position of privilege. SH (45:00)
  • You must diversify who you are learning from. (55:00)
  • Ask yourself: What are you doing to learn about someone else’s culture? How is your heart when it comes to this matter? What are you doing to make your ministry more diverse? (57:00)
  • We cannot continue to ask the people who have been persecuted and oppressed to be the ones to address the issue. (1:01:00)


Book: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Book: The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

Book: Blood at the Root by Patrick Phillips

Book: 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup

Book: A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

Book: White Trash by Nancy Isenberg

Article: Slave Bible From The 1800s Omitted Key Passages That Could Incite Rebellion




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Sarah is a writer and communicator who has been involved in ministry since 2003. In 2007, she joined the XP3 high school team where she now works as a lead writer and content creator. She also a contributing writer to the Parent Cue blog. Sarah lives in Roswell, Georgia, and is a big fan of her husband, her two boys, Asher and Pace, and, in her weaker moments, McDonald’s french fries.



Gerald Fadayomi leads the High School ministry (InsideOut) at Browns Bridge Church, a North Point Ministries church in Cumming, Georgia. His passion for the next generation is displayed through his communicating and writing, but is best seen when he is hanging with a group of students at a Friday night football game or a Friday morning FCA. His hope is to inspire the next generation to love God and influence their peers by living life counter-cultural. He is an Atlanta native and loves doing life and ministry with his wife, Kiley Fadayomi.


Stuart Hall is an influential leader who speaks to thousands of students, leaders, coaches, and parents each year. Stuart has coauthored three books: The Seven Checkpoints: Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to Know, MAX Q: Developing Students of Influence, and Wired: For a Life of Worship, Leaders Edition. Stuart also laughs incessantly, serves as a volunteer high school varsity girls basketball coach, and loves his wife and three kids.



Sam is a communicator, author and personality. He’s the host of Nationally Syndicated Radio Show “The Sam Collier Show”, Gospel Billboard Producer, Director of City Strategy for The reThink Group, Communicator (North Point Ministries) and Founder of No Losing, Inc.

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