Our Favorite Quotes from the 2017 Orange Conference

The 2017 Orange Conference officially wrapped up a few days ago, and wow, what an incredible experience it was! We hope you had a blast here in Atlanta, and we hope you enjoyed the music, speakers, and breakouts throughout the conference. Most of all, we hope you walked away with fresh insights and renewed energy as you reengage with your ministry, your volunteers, and your students.

One of the things we (the XP3 team) love the most about The Orange Conference is the time we get to spend with you. We love hearing your stories sharing in great conversations about life and ministry. It’s a huge encouragement to us as we continue investing our time and energy into XP3.

As we close the curtain on OC17, we know that the real work is just beginning as you begin to implement what it means to be for your neighbor in your community. We get that. And we don’t want you to forget that we’re here to partner with you through that process!

As you get back into the routine, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here, reach out to your Orange Specialist, or post in our XP3 Partners group. Let us know how you’re doing. Let us know how we can help. You weren’t designed to do ministry alone! So remember—we’re here for you and for you, especially as you figure out what it looks like to be for your neighbor.

Now, enjoy some of our favorite quotes from the 2017 Orange Conference:

We’ve got to stop acting like discipleship is about information, and realize discipleship is about relationship. – Reggie Joiner

If we listen, we might actually understand someone’s pain. And then, why wouldn’t they want to sit at the table with you? – Ryan Leak

Invite someone new to the table. – Reggie Joiner

On your very worst day, Jesus calls you Beloved. If you’re hearing another name in your ear, that’s not Jesus. – Bob Goff

Family ministry and partnering with parents is not a program. – Dr. Jim Burns

You can’t dismiss people and be in love with God. – Andy Stanley

Parents listen best to adults who are invested in the lives of their kids. – Nina Schmidgall

Most leaders who accomplish great things aren’t balanced people, they’re passionate people. – Carey Nieuwhof

How do your pictures match up with the pictures of your neighborhood? – Kara Powell

Oh guys, don’t be right. Be Jesus. – Bob Goff

Get in the habit in your life of doing something you don’t have to do. – Reggie Joiner

Some of your neighbors feel like you don’t love them because you act like you don’t like them. – Reggie Joiner

If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection. – Lecrae

Busy is the enemy of neighborly. – Doug Fields

The reason we should be generous is because it helps people. – Andy Stanley

Great small group leaders have a consistent dialogue, a back and forth, with the students. Not a monologue. – EJ Swanson

Ask every person who serves you: Do you have anything I can pray for? – Ryan Leak

You’ll be neighbors with someone for ten years and it’ll come down to ten minutes. – Jon Acuff

A neighbor-minded church allows people to belong before they believe. – Jeff Henderson

Hate didn’t kill my father. Indifference and apathy did. – Bernice A. King

Stop managing time. Start managing your energy. – Carey Nieuwhof

Jesus doesn’t want your help. He wants your hearts. – Bob Goff

We can’t expect them to come to us if they don’t believe we are for them. – Jeff Henderson

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