Our Favorite Quotes from the 2016 Orange Conference

The 2016 Orange Conference officially wrapped up a few days ago, and wow, what an experience! We hope you had an incredible time in Atlanta and we hope you enjoyed the music, speakers, and breakouts throughout the conference. Most of all, we hope you walked away with new insights and renewed energy to take back to your ministry, your team, and your students.

We (the entire XP3 team) had a blast spending time with each of you. We love hearing your stories and having great conversations about life and ministry. It’s a great encouragement to us as we continue investing our time and energy into XP3, and we hope it’s an encouragement for you too.

As we close the curtain on another conference, we know that the real work is just beginning as you apply what you learned to your unique ministry. We get that. And we want you to know that we’re here to partner with you through that process! As you get back into the routine in your church, feel free to leave a comment here, reach out to your OS (Orange Specialist), or post in our XP3 Partners group. Let us know how you’re doing. Let us know how we can help. Because what happens on Sunday matters in a student’s life on Monday.

Now, enjoy some of our favorite quotes from the 2016 Orange Conference:

“Sometimes we spend so much time doing the work of the ministry, we forget to be the person God has called us to be.” – Doug Fields

“Once you stop learning, you stop leading.” – Doug Fields

“Volunteers need a coach, not a teacher.” – Sherry Surratt

“Relationships don’t just take time…they take repetition.” – Sherry Surratt on building relationships with volunteers

“You don’t have to be the coolest person in the room to be relevant & make a connection. Be real. Be authentic. Be you.”  Jessica Bealer

“Not normal volunteers believe the smallest things they do have the biggest results.” –  Adam Duckworth

“Here’s the thing you and I know about people: they visit on Sunday, but they live in Monday.” – Jon Acuff

“You have to imagine someone’s Monday before you can re-imagine what happens on Sunday.” – Reggie Joiner

“Sunday mindset thinks about what happens in 1 hour. Monday mindset thinks about what happens the rest of the week.” – Reggie Joiner

“Sunday mindset: all about pleasing people who show up. Monday mindset: all about reaching the people who don’t show up.” – Reggie Joiner

“Sometimes what you say doesn’t matter, even it’s true. TRUTH matters when LOVE matters.” – Reggie Joiner

“It’s easier to speak truth than it is to love somebody. It’s not your job to fix anybody. It’s your job to love them.”– Reggie Joiner

“Empathy doesn’t change the truth, it enhances the truth.” – Reggie Joiner

“Empathy is the ability to press pause on your own thoughts and feelings long enough to understand someone else’s.” – Reggie Joiner

“There are kids and families who will never step foot into your church until you to step into their world.” – Reggie Joiner

“Don’t attend a church that teaches your kids to hate church!” – Andy Stanley

“Every single Sunday you show up, you’re preventing more than you can ever ever imagine. There’s no way to measure it.” – Andy Stanley

“We need to partner with parents because parents matter. Even if they aren’t good parents.” – Gina Ragsdale

“Your tomorrow will look a whole lot like today unless you learn to lead with some imagination.” – Ben Crawshaw

“Small group leaders are one conversation away from being in for life.” – EJ Swanson

“You’re always communicating even when you’re not communicating.” – Doug Fields

“On Sunday, grace is expected. On Monday, grace is a surprise.” – Jon Acuff

“What if we stop telling kids that they are the future of the church . . . and tell them that they ARE the church?” –  Doug Fields

“You don’t disciple kids from a stage, you disciple kids up close.” – Doug Fields

“Being smart, without being passionate, is boring. Being passionate, without being smart, is exhausting.” – Frank Bealer

“At what point does a child cross from not our problem to our stewardship?” – Tom Shefchunas

“How you are loved will always impact how you live. But how you live will never impact how you are loved.” – Kara Powell

“Belonging is the difference maker. We weren’t made to be alone. We were made to belong.” – Gerald Fadayomi

“Delayed obedience is disobedience.” – Perry Noble

“When we get dehydrated spiritually, we will start using people instead of leading them.” –  Perry Noble

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