New XP3 Series: Fake I.D…

By Sarah Anderson

Every once in awhile—okay, probably more often than we admit—we create a series that we anticipate hitting home with students, but also come to realize it hits home with us—the XP3 team—as we wrote it. It turns out we need reminding on a fairly regular basis of the truths we care so much about instilling in future generations. And when that happens, we hope that the message we have worked so hard to make applicable for your group is also one that is applicable, challenging and encouraging to you, as their leader. May’s featured series—Fake I.D…—is just such a series—one that shaped us as we wrote it, and one we hope shapes you as you teach it.

We found ourselves writing Fake I.D… with more than just students in mind. We wrote with ourselves in mind—asking ourselves what questions still plague us as adults, what insecurities we still wrestle with and what our aim is when it comes to determining our greater purpose in life.

We wrote with you in mind.

We wrote with teenagers, adults, parents and small group leaders in mind.

We wrote with the human dilemma in mind, and hopefully, you will find, we came out on the other side with some answers to the big questions that shape our identity.

So when you, leaders and teachers, mentors and pastors, decide to teach this series, our prayer will be for more than just your students. Our prayer will be that you too walk away with a more grounded sense of who you are, where you belong and what your purpose is, and that you will allow what you discovered to be the passion behind how and what you teach the teenagers entrusted to your care.

Orange Conference 2018