New Lead Small App Feature for XP3 Users

If you’ve been part of the XP3 world for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of the Lead Small App. Available on iOS and Android, the Lead Small App helps leaders like you make the most of technology in their student ministry. The app gives leaders the ability to share ministry-related resources with SGL’s like small group questions, leader devos, ministry news, and more. The app even allows you to send push notifications to SGL’s phones for quick reminders or urgent news.

And the app has just become even better! Version 2.0 of the app was released just a few weeks ago and comes with fresh new videos and SGL resources. But that’s not all – one feature that’s been requested over and over is the ability to schedule your content to publish any day of the week. That means if your ministry uses XP3 on a Wednesday night or Saturday night or Tuesday morning (that would be weird), you can have your content refresh and publish when it’s most relevant for your small group leaders.

If your service is on Wednesday, a great plan would be to schedule your content to refresh on Thursday every week, so that your SGL’s have a whole week to prepare for the following week. If you’re a subscriber, you can find the schedule feature by logging into your account and then clicking on the “Settings” tab. Then on left hand side of your browser click on the “Schedule” button. Will you use the new Scheduling feature? Let us know in the comments!

New to the Lead Small App? Check out quick video to see what it’s all about…

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