New Fall ’15 XP3 Series

XP3 is all about making the life of the student pastor simpler and easier while putting out fresh, engaging, Biblical content that connect with today’s students.

Well…we are proud to announce our new Fall ’15 series:

For The Win

Suggested Dates:   Aug. 2 – Aug. 30, 2015

Series Description:  Winning is fun, isn’t it? No one ever starts a basketball game hoping to lose. We don’t go to band practice because we want to take last place in our competition. We don’t start a video game wanting our character to be eliminated first. No way. We play to win. Why? Because winning is awesome. It feels great. In fact, sports and video games probably aren’t the only place you want to be a winner. Do you want to be successful when it comes to school? Sure! How about money? Your future? Dating? You probably answered “all of the above”. Basically we all want to win at life. And while there’s no way to guarantee you will win in every area, there are some things you can do to help you get there. In fact, there’s an entire book in the Bible, the book of Proverbs, dedicated to giving solid advice that can help us win at life. During this series, we’ll take a look at five verses from Proverbs that can set you up for the win in the areas you care about the most.

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Real Talk

Suggested Dates: Sept 13-Sept 20, 2015

Series Description:  Talking to some people is easy. You can hang out with your friends for hours and never run out of anything to say. You feel like you can talk to them about anything. But you probably also know people who just seem to make you a little nervous when you have to talk to them. Maybe it’s a teacher, coach or your boss at work, but you always feel you say something wrong or they are never impressed. No matter who it is, you choose your words carefully when you talk to that person because you don’t want to mess things up. And if we’re honest, prayer can feel a lot like that. The whole idea of it makes us a little nervous. We wonder if we sound silly. We try to use just the right words but we aren’t sure we’re doing it right. And often, we are tempted to back away from prayer because it just feels awkward. But what if talking to God was never meant to be that way? What if talking to God was supposed to feel more like chatting with a good Friend than making an impressive speech? During this series, we’re going to take a look at what Jesus said prayer is and isn’t. And as we do, you may just find yourself wanting to lay down the formalities, relax and have some real talk.

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Suggested Dates: Sept 27-Oct. 11, 2015

Series Description:  How many hours are you technologically connected on a normal day? If you were to add up your hours online, your glances at text messages, your streaming music, your perusing social media, your Netflix addiction, how many hours could you count?  It’s probably a lot. Our culture is obsessed with technology—and with good reason. Technology keeps us connected to each other and to the world around us. Nearly every device we own transmits signals to something else, somewhere else. Why? Because that’s how they’re wired to function. Our phones, tablets, smart watches, gaming systems—they all are wired to connect to something outside them. And the same is true for us. We are wired for connection. It’s in our design. As we take a closer look at what Jesus called “the greatest commandment”, we discover that we were wired to have three vital relationships: with God, with ourselves, and with others. And when those connections are made, everything else begins to function as it was designed.

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Power Play

Suggested Dates: Oct. 18-Oct. 25, 2015

Series Description:  Power is a good thing. And in most cases, more power is a better thing. We want our phones to be powered up, our cars to be powerful, our laptops to be powered on, and our football teams made of power players. But those aren’t the only places that power is important to us. We all want to have power in relationships too. Maybe you’ve never thought about it that way but chances are you want people to listen to you, to pay attention to you or to care about what you think. That’s power. And whether you realize it or not, every relationship you have comes with some power or influence. Every interaction with another person is an opportunity to use your power, even if you feel like you don’t have any. During this series we’re going to talk about two people from the New Testament who looked at power differently than anyone else: Paul and Jesus. In their stories, we find that, no matter who is in control, there is always a power play we can make on behalf of others.

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