LIMITLESS: A New XP3 Series by Ryan Leak about Potential

Potential. It’s a strange word for many students. They hear it from parents, teachers, coaches, and maybe even student pastors. But do they really know what it means? Some students hear, “You have a lot of potential.” Others hear, “You’re not reaching your potential.” But what does that mean in a student’s mind? If they have potential does it mean they’ll get into a good college? Does it mean they’re going to accomplish all the things their parents want them to accomplish? Does it mean they’re going to be famous or make a lot of money or change the world?

In this four-week series we’re going to try to clear up some of the question marks for students as they think about their potential. And to do that we recruited the help of Ryan Leak, someone who knows firsthand what it looks like to push past the limits of what we think is possible. Ryan is an incredible writer, speaker, and filmmaker, and he recently published a documentary and book—both titled Chasing Failure—all about reaching our God-given potential. So when the idea for this series first came about, Ryan was the first person we turned to.

Each week of this series takes a look at the life of Moses and some of the things that could have been potential barriers for him: labels, fears, past mistakes, and the words of others. Our hope is that, by the end of this series, students will begin to realize that God can work in and through their lives despite the things they think limit them. And that if God can work in Moses’ life—an imperfect person with a dramatic and crazy story—He can work in their lives, too.

God has a plan for each of your students, and He doesn’t want labels, fears, past mistakes, or the words of others to keep them from His plan—today or in the future. And when we move past the barriers we think hold us back, through God’s help and guidance, our potential is truly limitless.

We think this series is going to be really encouraging for every student in your ministry. Our suggested teaching dates for this series are April 30, May 7, May 14, and May 21. If you’re an XP3 High School subscriber, be sure to login to your account to download this series now! If you’re new to XP3, you can start a free trial with us today by clicking here.

We would love to hear how your students respond to this series. You can reach out to XP3 Students and Ryan Leak on Twitter to share your excitement and stories!

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