How to H2GO!

By Jaime Handley

Before you begin planning the December’s featured series: Thrill of Hope, sit back, relax, and take a drink of water.

That was easy, right? But for more than one billion people, a sip of clean water is a nearly impossible dream. This Christmas, we invite you and your student ministry to give something that’s both simple and vital: clean water. XP3’s H2GO! partners with Compassion International to raise money for water filter buckets that can each provide one million gallons of clean water for a family in Uganda (or another developing country in great need). Our H2GO! Leader Guide (available on the download matrix in the H2GO! Folder) provides all the details you need to get started. And make sure to check out the H2GO! Parent CUE; it’s a great tool for your families to help them understand what it means to live without clean water—and how they can work together as a family to be part of the solution. As well, take a look at the H2GO! XP to get ideas about how to celebrate the funds and awareness you have raised at the end of the Thrill of Hope series.

Here’s a step-by-step look at what you’ll need to do to launch your own H2GO! initiative:



1)     Before you even begin the series, download all of the H2GO! materials on the download matrix under the H2GO! Folder.

2)     Contact Compassion’s church relation team (see the Leader Guide for details on how) to get hooked up with a sample water filter and bucket.

3)     Set a goal for how many filters you want to raise as a youth group.

4)     Vision cast for students and families (see the Leader Guide).

5)     Head over to and download the 30-second video clip Compassion offers.

6)     Just before you start the first week of the Thrill of Hope series, send out the Parent CUE to parents via email or your student ministry blog to give them a heads up about the H2GO! initiative and what their students will be asking them to do.

7)     As well, be sure to send the small group questions to your leaders to give them a heads up about H2GO! (They will be handing out the specific H2GO! Take Home Family CUE Cards after small group time each week).



1)     At the start of session one, show Compassion’s 30-second Water of Life promo video and vision cast the H2GO! initiative to your students, letting them know what they will be doing, along with their families, over the course of the series.

2)     Put out empty 5-gallon water containers and track your progress in a visible way that your students can see.

3)     Be sure that your small group leaders are handing the Take Home Family CUE Cards out to their students at the end of each small group time. These cards will prompt the students and their families as to what activity to participate in week to week.



1)     Send your church’s donation to Compassion.

2)     Celebrate! Using the H2GO! XP, create your celebration water fair. (You may want to invite parents along to this event as well!)  Be sure to announce the final tally at this event—and celebrate! Invite families to share their stories. And if someone promised to get dunked if a certain level of funds were raised—now is the time to get soaked!


Orange Conference 2018