How 121 Community Church Utilized The XP For Labyrinth

By Jamie Willis

The past few weeks, we’ve been using the Labyrinth Series in our high school group as part of the XP3 curriculum. It’s been a rich time of talking about God’s will and helping students understand that knowing the Lord and following His plan is not the maze that some of us make it out to be. Our hope was to help students think differently about God’s will and to understand the freedom we have when we live by God’s law of loving Him and loving others.

To wrap up the series, we utilized the XP in the curriculum (The Maze) but made several changes to adapt it for our group. The suggested idea was to create a labyrinth or maze in our space where students could participate in a prayer walk while considering different milestones: high school graduation, college and marriage. We used that idea as a catalyst but decided to create something more experiential that would help students with different learning styles wrestle with ideas from the series.

Our idea was to create a labyrinth or maze in our worship space so we used pipe and drape to divide the area into 8 stations with a large open space in the middle. Each station involved a different activity or experience designed to engage students with a truth from the series while utilizing the different senses, Scripture and journaling. At the “Walk” station, students put on glasses that only allowed them to see directly below them while walking on a winding path of 2 X 4’s. After completing the task, they read Scripture and responded to questions in a journal about how this was similar to following God’s will. At the “Remember” station, students wrote words and drew pictures that represented God’s faithfulness to them over the years. At the “Taste” station, students were instructed to dip bread in honey and consider how God’s Word is sweet like honey and should be savored. At the “Expand” stations, we had different laptops and headphones setup. After students picked a country on the Operation World website and watched a brief prayer video about it, they prayed for people in that country to follow God’s will and then marked that country with a star on a giant map. The “Picture” station was similar to the idea described in the original XP but we combined all three milestones into one station. Our other three stations were: Listen, Confess and Smell.

Throughout the Labyrinth, we had multiple candles and video images with music playing softly in the background. As students entered, everyone was given a journal and pen and we met in the middle for an acoustic worship set. From there, students were instructed to begin the Labyrinth by visiting the different stations, reading the instructions, and spending as much or as little time as they wanted at each one. We explained that the goal was not to necessarily hit every station but to experience God in different ways and to listen to Him. We set aside an hour for this experience but multiple students went well beyond the allotted time. It was a powerful night as students interacted with God in different ways. It was neat to debrief with students as they finished and hear which part of the Labyrinth was most powerful for them and why. The whole experience was a great way for our group to cap off an excellent series about God’s will.

Please feel free to view the photos from this XP here



Jamie Willis BIO

My name is Jamie Willis and I’m the Student Pastor at 121 Community Church ( in Grapevine, TX. I’ve been on staff for over 10 years now and serve with Junior High, High School and College Students. I’ve been married to my incredible, beautiful, amazing wife Joy for 14 years and we have 3 daughters: Sarah, Hannah and Ellie. Way outnumbered in my home…but I love it! We’ve been using the XP3 curriculum strategy in our high school ministry the past several years and it’s been a great fit.

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