From the XP3 Team: What You See Is What You Get

By Jaime Handley

Here at XP3, we believe that there are some foundational truths that are important for every student to know before they walk out of your student ministry—whether that’s in 9th grade or 12th grade. And every once in awhile, we try to really hit at these core truths within a series so that your students can hear them—and you can be sure you’ve taught them—as clearly as possible.

With that in mind, we are excited to debut the June featured series, “What You See Is What You Get.”



This series aims to clearly hit at what the gospel is about so that your students understand the call of the Great Commandment and just what it means to live it out, every day. Here is a brief summary of this three-week series: Jesus seemed to make it pretty simple when it comes to what following Him would be all about: love God and love others as you love yourself. But this simple command gets a lot more complicated when we don’t see God, ourselves and others as we should.

When we don’t see rightly, we don’t live rightly. So, how do we fix our broken view? How do we start living in a way that reflects Jesus’ intentions for our lives, and see the world the way we should? What we see is what we get. So, how do we see the right way? Can’t wait to see those of you returning Orange Conferencers at OC13 and meet those of you who are new to the Orange and XP3 family. Be sure to stop by the Orange curriculum booth and say “Hi!”

Peace, The XP3 Team  

Orange Conference 2018