From the XP3 Team: Walk Away

Orange Conference 2013. If you went, you hopefully heard, saw or experienced something that changed the way you think about what you do as a youth pastor. If you didn’t, then you hopefully got a chance to catch the live stream. Either way, we are so excited to have welcomed over 5,400 people to Atlanta for this year’s Orange Conference! We would love to hear your stories at

We are also excited to debut our brand new featured series, Walk Away.

Here is a brief summary of this three-week series:

All of us, at one time or another, have dealt with—or will deal with—the temptation to walk away from Christianity or Jesus Himself. Thankfully, we are not alone. In fact, one of Jesus’ more famous disciples, Peter, faced the same issues we do—wrestling with guilt, doubt, and difficult dynamics with other people. But what Peter chose to do can offer us some hope in our own faith journey. Peter hung in there—he didn’t walk away, and as a result, his life was never the same.



The XP3 Team

Orange Conference 2018