XP3 Students February Featured Series: Upper Hand

By The XP3 Team

We are excited to be releasing a brand new family series this month about a topic we all love—authority! Okay, seriously, most of us struggle—in one way or another—with the idea of authority. As we were writing this series, we realized that we were speaking to ourselves as much as to your students. Authority is just hard. But it doesn’t have to be something that we dread or can’t handle. The picture of authority we see in the Bible starts with God. And that’s something we can all hold onto. Because no matter how frustrating authority can be, the way we deal with it reveals something about how we view the ultimate authority—God.

Here is a summary of this three-week series, Upper Hand:

We all deal with authority. Whether it’s our students dealing with parents, teachers and coaches or us as adults in our work relationships, marriages and finances—authority is everywhere. As teenagers, most of us believe that if we can just grow up and get out—out of high school and out of our parents’ house—we will be free from authority. But the truth is, authority is always an issue. No matter how grown up we are, we never outgrow authority. And when we look at what the Bible has to say about it, we realize that authority isn’t a bad thing. If we can learn how to respond to authority now—both the good and the bad—we will reap the benefits for the rest of our lives.

Along with the Upper Hand series, we are featuring a Parent Event, which encourages you to put together a panel of parents for a Q and A session within your ministry’s parent community. Not only will this serve to give your parents a place to hash out the questions and thoughts they have about parenting and authority, but it also provides a great way for you to connect the parents in your community to one another.

And for those of you supercharged XP3ers, we are also offering the Upper Hand XP 2.0. This is an optional 4th Session to put that same panel of parents (or a totally separate panel) in front of a group of students and allow them to ask questions about dealing with parental authority. See the XP and Parent Event documents in your series downloads for further instructions.

And, as if that weren’t enough to shake things up a bit, we’ve also designed the regular XP for the series around the Next Steps that follow each week’s Small Group time. These Next Steps are individual activities to help students go one step further each week and dive in to this idea of authority. Each week is, in essence, a mini-devotional time for your students.

We are so excited to see what you do with this series! Please let us know how it impacts both your parent and student communities. And, as always, don’t forget to lean into your Orange Specialist to help you get the most out of every XP3 Series Component.

Orange Conference 2018