From The XP3 Team: Small Group Dialogue Update

You may not know it, but XP3 is part of a larger organization called The reThink Group. And at reThink, we take that name quite literally because we believe that change is good. It’s been the motto for television commercials, self-help books and the ever-changing world of technology. At XP3, we work very hard to bring you all the best to help you win in your ministry—the latest youth research, ways to connect with the parents in your ministry, XP ideas to connect your students to the message in a tangible way. While we try to keep our format consistent so you know what to expect and how to best use all that we give you from series to series, sometimes things need to change.

Back in April, we made a pretty big change when we introduced the middle school curriculum component. And you seemed to handle it pretty well. As a matter of fact, many of you seemed to really love it! (P.S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it. Yep, right now.)

Well, we’re doing it again. It’s a smaller change, but it’s one we think is really going to help your small group leaders win. We’ve updated the format of our small group questions to hone in on the most important points of each section of the teaching scripts. We’ve labored over the questions and set them up so that they walk students from the Tension to the Truth and on to the Application. So, instead of giving your small group leaders a list of 10-15 questions for them to pick and choose from, we’ve given them 2-3 very intentional questions for every section; questions that we believe will really help your students wrestle through what they’ve heard in large group.

And we’re previewing this new small group question format with our latest series, Reveal.

Here is a brief description of this three-week Easter series on miracles:

The way we use the word miracle can be pretty broad. And when our students talk about miracles, it can range from “Getting through that exam was a miracle” to “I need a miracle for my mom to be cured of her cancer.” But miracles are about more than just the supernatural occurrence, whether that’s making the grade or witnessing an unexplainable healing. A miracle reveals God’s goodness and reminds us of who we can be. And the greatest miracle—Jesus’ resurrection—is an invitation to put the past behind us and become a new creation, every day.


Change is good. And we’re excited about the small changes that we believe are going to make a big difference in your student ministry. We really want to know how this new small group format lands with your students. Let us know at


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