From the XP3 Team: Road Signs

Seasons come and season go. And for some of you, as the months fly by and you cross them off your calendar, it may feel like you’re on a monthly roller coaster. Between planning, teaching, retreats, parents, hanging with students—not to mention your own life—it can feel like the months and seasons are relentless. For others of you, planning is your middle name. You look at your calendar, you plan your year and you dig in. Either way, we hope our newest Scope and Cycle update will help you keep on the front end of all that you have to do; we will now be releasing an entire season of series at the beginning of every season’s teaching cycle! To read more about it, be sure to check out the article “XP3’s New 3 Year Scope and Cycle.”

For the Fall 2013 season (Aug/Sep/Oct), we are excited to highlight the re-release of Road Signs by Andy Stanley. (It’s the first of four series we are recommending you teach this fall.) This four-week series is a great reminder for students—and for us older folks as well—that our direction, not our intention, determines where we are going.

Here is a brief summary of this four-week series:

You can’t get to the South Beach by driving north, and you can’t get to the top of a mountain if you are walking down it. The book of Proverbs gives us wisdom to help navigate the choices of life, because we know that each choice determines the direction of our lives. And it’s our direction, not our intention that ultimately determines our destination. Where are you heading? What path are you on?

Remember, we’re here to help in any way that we can, so lean into your Orange family whenever you need to.

Happy Summer!


The XP3 Team



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