From the XP3 Team – November

From the XP3 Team

By Jaime Handley

By now, your year is in full swing and so is ours! Hopefully, amidst all the fun fall activities, you have been able to spend valuable time with your students (and your own families) while walking through corn mazes, picking out pumpkins and sitting around bonfires. The fall season lends itself to casual time to invest in your students. It’s this relational youth ministry contact work that makes all the difference in becoming a trusted partner with your students as you walk with them through their junior and senior high years. (We talk about this Relational Youth Ministry in the “Equipping Your Team” section of the training material that is available to you as a Level Two Partner. Check it out!)

Our new upcoming series Lost in Translation will be releasing real soon. Here is a brief description of this three-week series:

We’ve all used words while being a little uncertain of the actual meaning. But when it comes to words like “belief,” “righteousness” and “salvation,” our understanding makes a huge difference in how we live our Christian faith and how we view God. So, we’re going to take a look at these commonly used words and figure out not only what they mean today but what they meant to the writers of the Bible thousands of years ago. And, in doing so, our aim is to let these new definitions teach us more about all God has for us and wants for us. In other words, over three weeks we are going to take what may have been lost in translation and recapture and rethink it in a way that could transform us in ways we never imagined.

You may have noticed some slight changes as you’ve looked over the last number of released series. As we at XP3 strive to partner with you, we are constantly rethinking how to make XP3 the most user-friendly, compelling and effective tool for you to use. With that in mind, check out the changes we’ve made to do just that:

New Bolded Script Main Points: All of our scripts are designed to give you a framework so that you can insert your own personal touch and get to the heart of your group to really hit them with the truth of God’s words. And in each script, there are some points that we think need to be emphasized as you walk your students through a particular week’s teaching. To help you highlight these main points and really focus in on the most important things for your students to walk away remembering, we are now including bolded main points in each script. This will not only be helpful for high school students but also for adapting the scripts for middle school students who need the same truth, delivered in a more time-appropriate package. These are now available in the following series: Through the Window, Labyrinth, What Went Before, The Other Story, The Great Banquet, Unwrapping Christmas and Lost in Translation.

Updated Parent Cue: One of the most important features of the Orange Strategy is the involvement of parents in their students’ lives. We know that parents are overloaded between taking kids to and from school, practices, lessons and church. And that doesn’t always leave much time to talk with their kids about what’s going on in their heads, hearts and lives. With this in mind, we have revamped our Parent Cue to give parents some practical insights into what students are dealing with today and how parents can help their students as they walk through mid- and late-adolescence into adulthood. The new Parent Cue includes a Be a Student of What They are Learning section, a Be a Student of Your Student section and an Action Point, all of which are designed to cue parents about how they can engage with their student’s faith journey right where they are. We look forward to hearing how this new Parent Cue is helping your parents connect with their students, so be sure to send us feedback at

And, stay tuned for new updates to the XP3 account site. We’re making some changes to make the site more user-friendly and accessible, and we can’t wait to hear how the changes are helping you do what you do even better. As you meet with students and families, we pray that you will be renewed and strengthened by the God who loves you and equips you to do the work He has called you to do.

Orange Conference 2018