From the XP3 Team: May’s Featured XP3 Series “Let It Go”

By The XP3 Team

We know that you know that we know that we’ve already told you all about the myriad of wonderful things coming up at Orange Conference 2013. So, we’re not going to remind you about all of the amazing speakers, fun-filled networking opportunities, laser-focused breakout sessions and general all-around fun that will be had over the course of the three-day OC13 gathering. But if you’re curious, or just want to brush-up on your Orange Conference knowledge, please feel free (no pressure) to browse the Orange Conference website one more time.  

Now, without further ado, we would like to introduce our featured series for May, Let It Go. This practical series tackles some of the hard questions of one of the most difficult practices of our Christian faith—forgiveness.

XP3 Let It Go // Preview Video from XP3 Students

Here is a brief summary of this three-week series:

“I just can’t let it go.” “They don’t deserve to be forgiven.” “It hurts too much to move on.” Maybe you’ve heard your students say something like this in the midst of pain, frustration and anger towards someone who has hurt them—or maybe you’ve said or thought something similar yourself. Choosing to forgive someone who has hurt us is never easy. So why does it matter so much that we do it? How do we know when we should do it? And how do we know we have actually healed from the pain an offense has caused? How do we simply let it go?

As always, please let us know what you love, what is working for you and your student ministry and how we can partner with you to impact the lives of the students you are serving. —The XP3 Team



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