From The Team: Fall 2013 Series

Off of the heels of the new detailed three-year scope and cycle, this fall (Aug, Sept, Oct) XP3 will be unveiling its first four series release. This fall release gives the XP3 user:

  • A choice of when to teach each series
  • Content to fill the fall season
  • Time to prepare small group leaders or volunteers
  • Time to familiarize and contextualize

Essentially, what every student pastor needs is more time and this seasonal release gives the student pastor more time.

 XP3 Series Available This Fall

XP3S_series_24Road Signs
By:  Andy Stanley
Series length:  4 weeks
Category:Decide Personally

Road Signs is a series in the Andy Stanley Collection, a collection of series and teaching scripts that provide powerful, simple truths delivered in a style that is straight-forward and conversational. Here is the premise of the Road Signs series: You can not get to the south beach by driving north, and you can not get to the top of the mountain if you are walking down it. Road Signs looks to the book of Proverbs for wisdom to help each of us navigate the choices of life, because we know that…

XP3S_series_10198The Fighter
By:XP3 Team
Series length:  3 weeks
Category:Connect Relationally

All families fight. It’s inevitable. We fight to be heard. We fight to get what we want. We fight for things to be fair. And oftentimes, the fighting leaves us in worse shape than before we started. But what if fighting didn’t have to be such a bad thing? What if fighting could leave us better than when we started? Maybe, instead of fighting for everything we want, we change our focus. What if we fought for the relationship with our parents and our siblings instead of against them? If that is…


GameOn_ThumbnailGame On
By:XP3 Team
Series length:  3 weeks
Category:Grow Spiritually
Available 6/24/13

After someone becomes a Christian, then what? This series looks at some ways to grow spiritually – whether you are a new follower of Christ, or someone who’s been one for years.


PostIt_ThumbnailPost It

By:XP3 Team
Series length:  3 weeks
Category:Decide Personally
Available 6/24/13.
Let’s be honest. We’ve all been guilty of painting a less-than-honest picture of ourselves – or others – through social media. But the Bible reminds us that what we say – whether on-line or in person – matters. How we talk about others, and ourselves, is important. And it all starts with what’s inside our hearts. So where do you need to rethink what you say on-line? What things are you dealing with inside that need to stop showing up on your newsfeed? What do you need to do…


One More EXCITING Thing—

Great news! Starting with our fall 2013 season (Aug/Sep/Oct), we are now providing the Bumper Video for our seasonal featured series—free of charge. (Please note: The free Bumper Video is only available with featured series and is not included with our core series that can be found in the Available Series tab.)

You can find the Bumper Video in the Graphic Support panel for each series featured in a current or upcoming season.

Like always, if you have any questions, please contact your XP3 Orange Specialist. They always like to hear from you.

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