DYM Free Resources for Doug Field’s XP3HS Series: Battlefield

Did you hear?

XP3 High School and Download Youth Ministry have teamed up! This is GREAT news for youth workers everywhere. “How will they work together??” you ask. Well, we see this partnership like a delicious cake. XP3 is the cake, and DYM is the icing on the cake (regardless of your feelings on cake, stick with us). You need both elements of the cake to have a full and delicious cake experience. You can’t lick your fingers if you don’t have icing, and if you only eat icing it’s not even cake anymore . . . it’s a recipe for diabetes.

One of the founders at DYM is Doug Fields. And XP3HS is so excited to not only have Doug be a consistent featured XP3HS writer but to be releasing his brand new series: Battlefield, which is suggested to be taught November 22 – December 6, 2015.

Bottom line: You need both strategic messaging, high quality series bundles (XP3), and creative/trench-tested youth ministry resources in pretty much any category that you can think of (DYM).

So to get a nibble of this cake/partnership, DYM has hand selected a few of its best resources that fit perfectly with Doug Field’s new XP3 series: Battlefield, exclusively for XP3 members to download and use at NO additional cost.

So, if you are an XP3 subscriber all you need to do is login to your XP3 account here, license BATTLFIELD and download all your resources there. And if you are not an XP3 member you can easily TRY XP3 FOR FREE HERE.

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