Dance Dance Restitution

Have you ever looked with envy at some of the churches around you or online and thought, “If only we had dancing in our Sunday program” but then remembered, “oh yeah, I can’t teach anybody a routine, if I can’t dance.” Have you ever wanted smooth moves like Usher or to be able to strut it better than Lady Gaga?

Then we have the perfect contest for you!

We’re calling it “Dance Dance Restitution” or DDR for short.


Well it’s only one of the world’s best dance choreographers who has worked with the likes of Michael and Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, and even taught Wade Robson. Our very own JZ (Jeremy Zach)! We will be granting 5 lucky winners a weeks worth of free dance lessons ON LOCATION! You read that right, wherever you are in THE WORLD we will send Jeremy out to give your students what they have always wanted: Dance instruction so that you may further enhance your student ministry programming. How awesome is that?!
Here is a quick video from Jeremy about the contest:

To Enter:

Create a 15 second or less video of your terrible dancing, put the link in the comments below and tweet using this format and hashtag:

I entered #xp3ddr! and I want to win free dance lessons from @jeremyzach! <insert link to your video here>

Throughout the day today, we will be watching all of the entries and will announce the 5 best videos here on the blog on Thursday.

Will stop accepting submissions at 11:59pm EST.

Orange Conference 2018