Book Review: More Lost Than Found By Jared Herd

Jared Herd (XP3 Students Creative Director) has written a book titled: More Lost Than Found: Finding a Way Back to Faith.  With humility and faithfulness it took Jared four years, countless rewrites and a lot of soul searching to develop a book that is for a teenage generation that deeply struggles with doubt and disillusionment.  There is a lot written out there about this generation but Jared’s main goal was to write directly to this teenage generation.

Louie Giglio, leader of the Passion Movement comments:

“Like he speaks, Jared crafts More Lost Than Found with humor and grace as he seeks to repair pathways once broken and ushers a new generation into the wonder and mystery of the Gospel”

In these pages, Jared goes through the hard questions that may not have answers, not around them, to share his own struggles, doubt, and disillusionment with his life and faith.  Within the first few pages, he shares the story of coming to faith and being baptized by his father who was a pastor, and then losing my faith seven years later.

Jared states:

“I vaguely remember finding Jesus when I was a child, but I vividly recall losing him.”

More Lost Than Found is written to help those who have struggled with their faith, or walked away all together, to hold on to it, and return to a place where it matters again. We know the statistics of students abandoning the church. If you are like Jared, you don’t just know the statistics; you know their names and faces.  Jared wants to remove the red tape of religion that might have blocked someone’s path to experiencing the life that Christ offers.




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