Bite Back with Compassion International: A Christmas Giving Project

By Liz Hansen

Compassion International’s BiteBack! project addresses a unique need in Uganda and other developing countries where a single mosquito bite can lead to malaria—and even death. Malaria has been swatted out in many countries. In fact, it’s entirely preventable and treatable, which is why BiteBack! provides mosquito nets and prevention education for kids and families who live in unsafe conditions.

 This year, Orange is pairing up with Compassion to help you BiteBack, too! We invite your church to partner with us to raise funds for mosquito nets. Every $20 funds a net that could mean the difference between life and death for a child.

And remember: If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito!

Here’s where to start:

  • Visit the XP3 series UNEXPECTED via the XP3 Students matrix (Winter Tab). You’ll find a spiffy tab with all the materials that you need to get started, including a Leader Summary and a special Parent Cue. Promotional videos, social media tools and more will be available October 1.
  • Connect with Compassion International. Visit to let Compassion know that your church will be participating and to request a sample mosquito net to use for promotional purposes.
  • Launch your BiteBack! campaign the fourth or fifth weekend of November. You’ll find special language and cues under the BiteBack Tab to help you promote the project to the families in your ministry. Create a fundraising goal – and make sure each family gets a copy of the Parent Cue, which focuses on helping kids and families understand what it would be like to live in unsafe conditions where a mosquito bite can be deadly.
  • Collect funds. Encourage children to bring in the funds they have raised each week. Check the Leader Summary for creative ways to track how much money has been raised and encourage families to keep going. Post your progress and best ideas to social media using #biteback2015.
  • Celebrate! Share with the families in your ministry how much money you were able to raise and how many nets that will provide. Pray for the kids who will be receiving these mosquito nets. If families connected with this project, encourage them to consider a monthly child sponsorship through Compassion International. Your church may also wish to consider further partnership with Compassion. Check out for more details.
Orange Conference 2018