Balancing Act: Why Ministry and Life Go Together

By Wesley Bergeron

As I write this, I realize time has been working against me this week. Either that, or maybe I have not been the most productive with my time. For most of us, we are doing ministries that require large amounts of time, which often times spills into the time we have set aside for just life. This everyday tension drains us, but we need to look towards the example of Jesus and see how we can both be intentional in work and life, while finding the balance to rest and play. Let’s look at some of the tensions we deal with:




My relationship with God doesn’t seem to have the place it used to.

This is something we all relate to, but it doesn’t relieve the tension that comes with the balance we are all pursuing. Today, you’re a good steward of what’s in front of you, and the next week, you find yourself barely getting by. How we begin to balance these two worlds, will ultimately reveal our dependence on God.

Ways we Can Balance Ministry

Ministry fills our tank, yet in the same regard, takes everything out of us. Take a moment to view what you do in actual seasons. When it’s the summer, you have an abundance of time and things flow freely. The fall brings in time of consistency. Everything has it’s time and ends accordingly. When the winter comes, I’m convinced that I don’t have enough time and the springtime reminds me that it’s a fresh start for new ideas and maybe even more meetings. Finding balance in ministry means that it’s time to lean into what God is saying, doing and prompting us to do. Two things I would strongly recommend doing: Designate time in your day to really be with God and develop a quiet place to meet with God.

Ways we Can Balance Life

Think of your life like a computer. Like a computer, when they never have time to rest, they become less useful and lose their purpose. They need to be powered off. We need to be powered off. As we become good stewards of our time, we too should be even better stewards of our bodies. You aren’t superman, so when you can’t do something, be okay with it. But in that same sense, make time to play and rest. Rest gives us the ability to refocus. Jesus himself took time to rest from ministry. In Mark 6, Jesus is encouraging His disciples to shift their focus from activity to relationship. He noticed that they didn’t even have time to eat anymore. Jesus implores them to address this through finding a quiet place. Part of life balance is learning to make time for the things that matter and addressing the things that don’t. From relationships to family, and from finances to our futures, we all have something that we need to address. For me, it has always been the balance of future plans versus reality in ministry, taking too much of a long view and not seeing things that are right in front of me.

To master the balance of ministry and life, we have to be willing to lean into both worlds and be intentional with every move. And then, the balancing act begins.


Wesley Bergeron is a recent graduate from Columbia International University, in Columbia, South Carolina, with an MA in Ministry Leadership and an undergraduate degree in Youth Ministry. Currently, he is the Small Groups Director for high schoolers at Grace Bible Church in Virginia Beach, VA. In his free time you can find him enjoying a soccer game, a good cup of coffee, and a good book.
Orange Conference 2018