3 Ways To Set And Keep Goals That Drive Your Week [Jon Acuff Breakout]

Last week we talked about goal setting . . . in July. And while setting goals in July is a bit unconventional, it might just be the best time of to set goals for ourselves and goals for our student ministries.

But wanting to set goals is one thing. Actually setting goals that drive us to better ourselves and better our student ministries is another thing.

This week, we want to help you set practical, meaningful goals that drive your week. That’s why we’re excited to share an audio recording of a breakout that Jon Acuff led at last year’s Orange Conference.

In his breakout about goal setting, Jon shares three ways to set and keep goals that drive your week. Here are the three things he’s talking about:

1) Pick the right goals.

Setting the wrong goals can set us up for failure. But setting the right goals can drive us to make strides in our lives and in our ministries. In his breakout, Jon shares how to set the right goals . . . not the biggest goals and not perfect goals—the right goals.

2) Team up with the right people.

We are built for community—to be in relationship with the people around us. That’s why teaming up with the right people is so important to reaching your goals. We all need people to help us with our goals—people who are in the trenches with us, people who can encourage us, people who can hold us accountable, and people who remind why we’re doing what we’re doing.

3) Ignore the right things.

When we think of goals, we often think of things we need to add to our daily schedules. But what if there are things that we need to do less of, too? Things we need cut from our lives, our ministries, or our schedules?

This is practical insight that you can begin to implement immediately. And now that you have a quick overview of where Jon’s heading in this breakout, it’s time to dive in. So grab a pen and paper, hit the play button, and let’s start making the most of the slower summer season!


Orange Conference 2018