Reactivate The Family:  Family Experience via Mission Trip

Reactivate The Family: Family Experience via Mission Trip

Today’s guest blogger and Orange thinker– Andy Dykhouse, the youth director of West Hills Church in Omaha, Nebraska recently took a team made up of students and their parents to the 410 Community of Maliarette, Haiti.  One of the many cool things about this trip was that families were able to have a shared experience while serving the Haitian people. _____________________ By Andy Dykhouse  As I write this, it was only a week ago I was on an airplane, flying back from Haiti.  Our group of... Read More
Parent Connect

Parent Connect

If you’ve been partnering with XP3 for any length of time, you’ve probably caught the Orange vision. Churches who seek to partner with parents in an effort to make the most impact on a student for Christ have an edge in walking their students toward a life-long relationship with their Creator. It’s an imperative and fundamental piece of the Orange Strategy. And it’s why we are constantly striving to help you to connect with parents in an authentic and strategic way. So, as the new school year... Read More
November Features Series:  Reversing Darwin

November Features Series: Reversing Darwin

By Jaime Handley  Can you feel it? The slight breeze in the air. Can you hear it? The sound of children talking as they walk home from their first day of school? Can you see it? The inklings of the first fall leaves changing colors? Okay, maybe it’s a little too soon to reminisce about pumpkin pie and all things “autumn,” but by now you’ve certainly felt a change of season as your students are trying to get back into the school mindset and gear up for the year ahead. As the new school year... Read More
Orange Tour:  Lead Change.  Lead Small.

Orange Tour: Lead Change. Lead Small.

Orange Tour is right around the corner.  The Orange team is really excited to go on the road touring a variety of churches across the country.  This year’s tour will be about “Leading Change” and “Leading Small”. Lead Change.  Change is not an option. If you lead anything, you have to understand how to manage change. If you lead leaders, then you have to master the skill of creating a culture that embraces and leverages change. Your ability to lead change will... Read More
XP3 Students Under Review

XP3 Students Under Review

Back in April 2012, the XP3 team approached Josh Evans and asked him to experiment with XP3 Students curriculum.  Our team wanted someone to test pilot XP3 Students who has never used XP3 students and would be objective when utilizing XP3. We picked Josh because he heard about XP3 but had never used it. We resourced him with 5 XP3 series of his choice.  In exchange of the 5 series we asked Josh to fully document his experience with XP3 Students. Here is some additional background on Josh.... Read More
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