Summer Stories and New September XP3 Students Series

By now, your summer is in full swing. But don’t worry, September will be here before you know it. As you anxiously anticipate the start of the new school year (okay, maybe there is a bit more anxiety and a bit less anticipation), we would love to hear how your adventures are going. From summer camp, to mission trips, to fundraising events—we want the scoop. Give us the highs and lows. How have you seen God working in your students’ lives? Where and how have you been encouraged to keep at the... Read More

XP3 Series Play By Play: How To Weekly Unpack All XP3 Components

By Jonathon Mitchell Five years ago, as I was leading, researching and thinking about switching curriculum and strategy for our Children’s Ministry. I landed on 252 Basics for our elementary, then First Look for our preK.  These discoveries–  lead me to Orange Thinking.  Which eventually lead me to XP3 for our student ministry. The first thing that I liked about the curriculum was that it fit with the overall strategy for Orange which is: two combined influences (Church + Family)... Read More
A New Feature of XP3 Students:  Middle School Update

A New Feature of XP3 Students: Middle School Update

By Jaime Handley It’s 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday night. You have figured out the worship playlist, what games to play and what music will be in the background. You have walked through your teaching points and polished up all of your illustrations. You’ve printed everything out for your small group leaders to be set up for a win. You are ready. And then you remember … what about middle school? What about that group of awkward “tweeners” who are stuck somewhere between elementary and high school?... Read More
1 SIMPLE (and Effective) Way to Connect Parents + Small Group Leaders

1 SIMPLE (and Effective) Way to Connect Parents + Small Group Leaders

By Kenny and Elle Campbell So we’ve got this goal. It’s not the biggest or loftiest goal in the world, but as a ministry that believes in the need to partner well with parents, we think it’s an important one. Here it is. Our goal is that every single one of our student’s parents knows the name, face, and phone number of their son or daughter’s Small Group Leader. In our ministry, small groups (and, consequently, Small Group Leaders) are the backbone of everything we do. Our Small Group... Read More
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