XP3 Students News: Intersect, Middle School Update and Happy Summer!!

By Jaime Handley Is it possible that we have made it through another school year? As you look back on the highs and lows of this past year, we are confident that you have seen God work in some incredible ways. As you’ve waded through teenage break-outs and break-ups, test-taking panics and overall junior and senior high drama, we hope there have been shining moments where you’ve seen how God is using you to impact the lives of the students you serve. We at XP3 are so very grateful to be a part... Read More
XP3 In Combined Environments

XP3 In Combined Environments

By Jeremy Kirby There are many situations in life that are not ideal. Living with your parents or in-laws while being married, being sick during a major presentation in school, or being stuck in traffic while needing to get to a vital meeting are a few examples. In the world of student ministry, there is another situation that occurs which is not ideal. The situation that arises involves combining middle school and high school students. To many student directors, including myself, this is not... Read More
Connecting With Parents…More Benefits Than You Know!

Connecting With Parents…More Benefits Than You Know!

By Tim Riley I had a scary moment 8 months ago; I was called to youth ministry! The Lord called me to leave the safety of my private practice counseling office, with its comfy couch and oversized chair. Gone were the days of sipping on a cup of coffee while listening to adolescents share about their life concerns. I traded it all in for overnighters and countless hours of potential chaos. As I looked at how I would structure our youth programming in my new position, I relied on my counseling... Read More
Book Review:  More Lost Than Found By Jared Herd

Book Review: More Lost Than Found By Jared Herd

Jared Herd (XP3 Students Creative Director) has written a book titled: More Lost Than Found: Finding a Way Back to Faith.  With humility and faithfulness it took Jared four years, countless rewrites and a lot of soul searching to develop a book that is for a teenage generation that deeply struggles with doubt and disillusionment.  There is a lot written out there about this generation but Jared’s main goal was to write directly to this teenage generation. Louie Giglio, leader of the... Read More
Lead Small:  A Resource For Your Small Group Leaders

Lead Small: A Resource For Your Small Group Leaders

Xp3 is designed to move students from large group to small group.  Small groups is the place where students not only are encouraged and influenced by their peers but also surrounded by a caring and loving adult who helps guides their spiritual growth.  Getting students in small groups is key when implementing XP3 Students. Leading a small group is the best way to make a big difference.  A small group leader is able to go deep with just a few students.  This is exactly what your small group... Read More
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