Today on the Pod, good friends Sam Collier and Tedashii join us in the bunker for a conversation on finding your voice. We talk about what it looks like to discover your own purpose, as well as how to help others seek significance in their own lives. We’ll see that finding your voice begins with surrounding yourself with the right people, not selling out to individualism, and valuing purpose over a position.

Welcome to Episode 69 of The Think Orange Podcast.

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Topic Timeline

Dave and Ashley interview Sam Collier and Tedashii (5:30)

Sam talks about how finding your voice is essentially discovering your purpose (9:26)

The tension of chasing position over purpose and success over significance (10:48)

Tedashii speaks on how a relationship with Jesus flips a switch from a mindset of success to one of significance (11:55)

Step one in finding your voice: Finding wise, trusted mentors and peers who can speak into your life (14:00)

Tedashii discusses how individualism is an issue in our society (16:35)

Ways family ministry leaders and small group leaders can help the next generation find their voice (20:02)

When it comes to making another person the hero in their story, Jesus is the destination and the church is the guide helping them get to where they need to be (28:15)

The church can gain credibility by preparing people for all professions, not just vocational ministry (29:45)

In all things, but especially when it comes to helping students navigate social media, there’s a difference between shielding and shepherding (33:01)

It’s hard to raise champions, but if you can steer potential in the right direction great things can happen (38:12)

If we choose not to help the next generation find their voice, they’ll have to go somewhere else to discover what they’re looking for (41:38)

Sam describes what it looks like to capture the power of influence (46:23)

Sam and Tedashii advise Dave on what music should be in his playlist (51:19)

Dave and Kevin’s final thoughts (59:04)

People, Places & Helpful Resources

Event: The Orange Tour

Podcast: A Greater Story with Sam Collier

Book: Find Your Voice by Sam Collier

Song: “Gotta Live” by Tedashii

Featured Guests

Sam Collier


Sam Collier is a speaker and host at Northpoint Ministries (founded by Andy Stanley) as well as the Director of City Strategy for The reThink Group (founded by Reggie Joiner). Sam is also the host of nationally syndicated radio-podcasts “A Greater Story with Sam Collier” and “The Countdown with Sam Collier.” His radio-podcasts can be heard on the 35 FM and AM stations around the U.S. Lastly, Sam is Gospel music producer, founder of No Losing, Inc., and co-founder of The Resource Group Global, a faith-based consulting firm. Sam has produced and written for artists such as India Arie, One Chance, and Da T.R.U.T.H. Through his nonprofit No Losing, Inc., he has empowered over 100,000 young people to have a winning mindset in life to achieve their goals by creatively making education relevant. Sam is an Atlanta, GA. native and loves his beautiful wife and family!

Learn more about Sam Collier at


Tedashii is a chart-topping, Texas-born and bred rapper with a slew of studio albums and EP’s to his name, including the masterful Below Paradise which debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Despite his accomplishments—from sold out tours to having his track “Dum Dum” featured on the Fox TV series So You Think You Can Dance—he hasn’t grown complacent. Instead, his success has only raised the stakes and motivated him to continue investing in this generation.

Inspired by the pointed declaration of Luke 9:62, which states, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and turns back is fit for the kingdom of God,” the rapper is charged up anew. It’s no secret that our current social and political moment calls for more action and less empty jargon. Bearing this in mind, Tedashii has adopted a new ethos—one that reflects his clear commitment to making an impact despite the unpredictability of our cultural climate: Never Fold. Tedashii’s devotion is encapsulated in these simple albeit heavy words. With the Never Fold campaign and project, Tedashii hopes to inspire people to persevere in light of who God is.

Learn more about Tedashii and listen to his music at


Quotes from This Episode

Ideas to Influence the Next Generation

Most of us have people in our lives who have not only shaped where we are today but also where we’re heading tomorrow. And chances are, if you were to describe what you see as your purpose in life, it wouldn’t be something that came to you in a moment. It would be the result of a shaping—a journey—that involved multiple people, situations, and conversations.

As a Next Gen leader, you have the opportunity to help kids and students find their voices. In a larger context, you can speak into the heart of a generation. And in smaller, more personal ways, you can speak into the individual purpose of each person. Here are three ways how:

Speak up—tell others what you see in them.

When you see someone excel in an area or go the extra mile, don’t miss the opportunity to let them know you think what they did was awesome. Send a follow-up text after going to a kid’s school play, write a handwritten note, or give an enthusiastic high five with a “Way to go!”

Build up who they are, not what they should do.

It can be easy to point out someone’s good behavior or external factors. However, if you really want to help a student find their voice, look for intrinsic qualities to praise like kindness, bravery, or compassion for others. A compliment like, “Hey, great game!” can make a greater impact when phrased, “Way to stay optimistic when your team fell behind in the first half.”

Connect them to other mentors who will help with next steps.

There will be times when you see a kid or student exploring their purpose in an area you know nothing about. And while you can be their greatest cheerleader, you might not be the right person to help with their next steps. Know a kid who wants to pursue a career in music? Introduce them to your church’s worship leader. Know a student who loves helping others but isn’t sure what kind of volunteer work they want to do? Help them create a list of local non-profits they can visit to find out more.

Helping a generation find their voice is a big job. But there’s no greater opportunity for the church as we build into kids and students who will one day lead in our ministries and communities. And when they do, we’ll want to see them lead from purpose over position and significance over success.

Conversation Starters For Your Church

Who are one or two people who were monumental in helping you find your voice?


What frameworks do we have in place to surround kids and students with adults who speak purpose into their lives? What’s a step we can take this week to equip mentors, small group leaders, and parents to do this even better?


What’s a shift we can make in our programming and/or messaging strategy to focus on equipping the next generation for professional pursuits beyond vocational ministry?


What would it look like this week to make kids and students feel like they are the heroes in their individual stories?

Your Hosts

Dave Adamson, The Think Orange Podcast Host


When he’s not working as a pastor at North Point Ministries in Atlanta, Dave is usually making his family cross their arms, roll their eyes, and tap their feet while he takes “just one more quick photo” on family outings. You’ll also often find him up to his neck in “Jewish stuff” as he researches the cultural context of Jesus for his daily Instagram devotions. Learn more about Dave at

Ashley Bohinc, The Think Orange Podcast Host


Ashley serves as the Director of Middle School Strategy at Orange and the USA Director of Carry 117. She has worked with students in public education, athletic and ministry settings for the last 12 years. She is most passionate about resourcing the local church, communicating on stage, developing leaders, working with students and world missions. In her downtime, you’ll find her watching Friends, cheering on the Cleveland Cavaliers, traveling, reading, or on one of her Fairytale Friday Adventures.

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