In all of our churches, the people we serve seem to have more differences than commonalities. Things like the color of our skin, the generation we belong to, or family status can sometimes make it difficult to relate to one another. But we all have one thing in common: A desire for our voices to be heard. As ministry leaders, we have the opportunity to give One Voice to those in our communities.

In today’s episode, we’ll look at ways we can better listen to and be a voice for those from other races, for the next generation, and for those with whom we share leadership. All of our clips were recorded at The Orange Conference 2017, and feature several guests including Dr. Bernice King, Gerald Fadayomi, and Les McKeown. As you dive in, we hope you’re encouraged to Speak Up, Listen More, and Work Together.

Welcome to Episode 53 of the Think Orange Podcast.

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Topic Timeline

Ways to make the most of today’s clips and OC18 breakouts and main sessions (7:11)

Reggie Joiner and Kara Powell interview Dr. Bernice King and Latasha Morrison (10:04)

We’re the light of the earth and we need to be leading the way in loving others (12:05)

Dr. King addresses segregation within the church (13:35)

Christians can choose a new posture with one another regardless of political bias—we can be safe places for one another (18:55)

Principles from Dr. Martin Luther King that are still powerful today (21:39)

Dr. King’s personal experience wrestling with prejudice (25:31)

The destruction indifference and apathy can cause (28:56)

Gerald Fadayomi talks about being for kids and students (29:51)

The importance of listening for better understanding (31:17)

What if the next generation needs to have a voice more than they need to hear our voice? (34:31)

We have the opportunity to point teenagers who are crying out to be heard toward a God who is always listening (38:17)

Les McKeown unpacks how teams need leaders with different strengths (40:17)

  • Visionaries
  • Operators
  • Processors

When teams have fun together, organizations and productivity grow (45:25)

Conflicts that can arise at senior levels in leadership (48:07)

When Visionaries, Operators, and Processors work together, Predictable Success is possible (49:45)

The grind that can begin to happen once Predictable Success is achieved (53:47)

Mindset shifts that change teams (58:21)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (1:00:47)

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Quotes from This Episode

Ideas to Influence the Next Generation

Being a voice for others—a minority group, underserved population, or kids in vulnerable situations—starts with being a practiced listener. If you want to have One Voice with those you’re trying to serve or partner with, you need to hear what others are saying about the situation. Here are some ways to take your listening skills to the next level:

Go to the source.

Before you can be a voice for a person or group, it’s helpful to actually know them. Don’t assume you know everything you need to know because of news articles, social media, or previous experiences.

 Ask good questions.

If you want to be a voice for others, you need to slow down and hear what they have to say. As you engage with others who aren’t like you, ask questions about their lives and what important moments have shaped the way they see the world.

 Give them a platform.

As a leader, you have influence. Maybe for you, giving someone a platform to share their message looks like inviting them to speak on Sunday morning. Or maybe it’s asking that aspiring worship leader who’s still in high school if she’d like to lead in your children’s ministry. Or it could be introducing them to a group of your friends in order to expand their audience.

Conversation Starters For Your Church

When was the last time I spent time with someone I’d consider significantly different than me? What was that experience like?

Who are the people or groups in our community whose voices need to be heard?

What are some ways we as a church can adopt a posture free of political bias? Is this even possible?

This week, what’s one thing I can do to better understand what motivates others on my team?

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