This year, we’ve heard from some of the Church’s most insightful youth ministry leaders to help us learn how to help make kids faith stick outside of the Church’s four walls. In today’s episode of the Think Orange Podcast, we’ll reminisce on some topics we found most helpful in our challenging, yet rewarding opportunity to pour into the lives of the next generation.

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Think Orange Podcast.

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Topic Timeline

5:30 Kristen Ivy & Dan Scott on 004: What Should We Say To Kids At Church This Week?

Listen to episode four to learn:
How to prioritize the 40 hours a year you have with kids and teenagers
What the most important message to tell kids is
How to decide what’s applicable for what stage of life

14:25 Sherry Surratt on 003: How To Engage Parents In Ministry

Listen to episode three to learn:

The level of influence parents have in the faith of their child

How to engage parents (Christians and non-Christians) during their kids’ faith journey

How the church should play a role in a family

22:15 Adam Duckworth on 009: Five Roles Of A Small Group Leader

Listen to episode nine to learn:

How God reveals Himself to us when we show up for someone else
Why the best way for kids to know God is for kids to know people who know God

26:41 Ben Crawshaw on 019: Speaking To Students

Listen to episode 19 to learn:
Clear wins for communicating to students
Advice for communicators frustrated with students being on their phones

 34:37 Tom Shefchunas on 005: How Can The Church Impact A Child’s Life Forever?

Listen to episode five to learn:

What a Small Group Leader is
The real tension all churches feel about teens walking away from faith
Five big ideas for small group leaders
Why being the adult you want your child to be is so important

 43:38 Virginia Ward on 014: How To Get Different Generations To Work Together

Listen to episode 14 to learn:

What intergenerational neighboring is
How to reach millennials without angering tithers
How to build relationships between generations
How to execute intergenerational neighboring with a lack of resources, staff, or volunteers

53:12 Reggie Joiner on 016: Why Every Phase Of A Kid’s Life Matters

Listen to episode 16 to learn:

Why a common language for leaders is necessary to understand the uniqueness of each phase
How every kid is made in the image of God and how Jesus reminded the disciples that children are made in His image

57:48 The best of the Think Orange Podcast serenades

1:01 Dave gives closing remarks

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Quotes from This Episode

Ideas to Influence the Next Generation

Every kid at every phase is made in the image of God.

Every member of your church matters equally to Jesus. There isn’t an age in which one “graduates” or achieves the right to being an image bearer of God. But chances are, there are some kids in your ministry who don’t exactly reflect what you think God is like. Maybe they’re wild. Maybe they’re stubborn. Maybe they cry week after week after week. But when you keep in mind that each kid is walking through a specific phase of life, on a path to better understanding who God created them to be, it can change your level of patience, your perspective, and how you engage with every kid.

Nobody influences a child more than their parents.

As ministry leaders, we may feel like we spend a lot of time with the kids in our church. However, studies show that over the course of a year, we only spend about 40 hours with a kids. Compared to parents, who get 3,000 hours, our time with kids is limited. If we want to influence the life of a child, we have to connect with and influence parents.

The best way for kids to know God is for kids to know people who know God.

What was biggest influence on your faith? Chances are, it was a person. You knew somebody who knew God, and they shared the wonder of the Gospel with you. God uses community to reveal Himself to us. This is why a consistent leader, who shows up each week, is important. Because it’s not about getting kids into a room so that they can hear stories about God. It’s about kids connecting to a leader who can share God with them in a relevant, thoughtful way.

Conversation Starters For Your Church

Jesus taught his disciples that when they welcomed a child in their midst, it was like welcoming God Himself. How would remembering that all kids are made in the image of God change how we do ministry this week?

What are three ways we can better partner with parents in our mission of helping kids have a relationship with Jesus?

If our ministry could only talk about three things for the duration of a student’s time in it, what would they be?

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