Lead Small

Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas

Lead Small clarifies the responsibility of the small group leader for those who work with children and teenagers. it establishes five common threads so that those who choose to lead in any size church can work off the same blueprint.

When you lead small…
you realize that what you do for a few has more potential than what you do for many.

When you lead small…
you choose to invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith.

With personal insight and practical advice, Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas will show you how to do something small for a big impact.


A messaging and event strategy for your volunteers and parents

What if your church could implement a message that gives common language to every event you do this year? A message that aligns your church staff, volunteers, and parents, and helps them re-imagine the potential they can have as ONE voice. When you lead as a team with ONE voice parents and volunteers move in the same direction. When parents and small group leaders work toward common goals, staff and volunteers are compelled by a common vision, and those who have influence speak a common language, ministries tend to move forward in a powerful and positive way.

The MVP Box includes everything you need to implement six important events in your church this year—three for parents and three for volunteers.

A New Kind Of Leader

Reggie Joiner

They were not new in the sense that they had never led anything before or they were radically different than other leaders. But they were new because . . . their influence gave you new direction, their belief in you gave you a new sense of worth, they showed up at a new phase of your life, and their faith helped you solidify your faith in a new and authentic way. If someone showed up for you, then the question is, “How will you show up for someone else?”

Creating A Lead Small Culture

Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy

Every kid needs to be known by someone and to belong somewhere. Most leaders agree. That’s one reason for a shift in the way many churches are discipling their kids and teenagers. Think of it this way: connecting kids and teens to a consistent leader who believes in God and believes in them is something the church can do that nothing else in culture does.

It’s Just A Phase

Reggie Joiner & Kristin Ivy

It’s Just a Phase presents a challenge to churches to treat every kid who breathes like they are made in the image of God. When we keep acting like every kid and teenager has the potential . . . to believe, imagine, and love to care, relate, and trust to reason, improve, and lead . . . it can change how the parents next door see your church, how your elders value teenagers, how your executive staff views children and youth ministry, how you organize what you do every week, how kids see themselves. But, more importantly, it can change how every kid sees God, and that could change every kid’s future.

Lasting Impact

Carey Nieuwhof

You’ve probably noticed. . . . Churches aren’t growing. Young adults are walking away. Volunteers are hard to recruit. Leaders are burning out. And the culture is changing faster than ever before. There’s no doubt the church is in a moment in history for which few church leaders are prepared. You can look for answers, but the right response depends on having the right conversation. In Lasting Impact, Carey Nieuwhof leads you and your team through seven conversations that will help your church grow and have a lasting impact.

Leading Not Normal Volunteers

Sue Miller & Adam Duckworth

In Leading Not Normal Volunteers, Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth show you how to lead your volunteers in practical and unexpected ways, how to leverage their quirks, and how to equip them to become incredible volunteers. In this book written especially for leaders, Sue and Adam give you the tools you need to guide your volunteers as they read the companion volume—Not Normal: Seven Quirks of Incredible Volunteers—and find out what it means to be truly not normal.

Think Orange

Reggie Joiner

What if the primary mission of the church is not to help the family, and the number one priority of the family is not to go to church? What if they are both designed to work together to show a generation who God is? It’s not either/or. It’s both/and. Two combined influences can make a greater impact than just two influences. When you think Orange, you rethink the way you do ministry for children and teenagers.


Isn’t parenting wonder-full? And also a little . . . exhausting, exhilarating, messy, lovely, overwhelming, amazing? Having a baby is a really big deal, and the parents in your church are wondering things they never have before. They need you now in a whole new way. The new and improved BabyD is an event that sets up a partnership between your church and families—a partnership that will ease anxieties, encourage, resource, and ultimately lead to a child developing a faith of their very own.

Family Celebration

This kit gives you everything you need for before, during, and after the big celebration. This includes planning materials, how to record a baptism video, live components and resources for your church staff, small group leaders, and parents to continue the conversation after the big day. We say, “Why not keep the party going?!”

Start Here

Start Here is a presentation designed to give parents what they need to participate in the most important event in their child’s life. With this simple Gospel presentation and a conversation starter for parents, Start Here provides everything to help equip parents to lead their children to Christ. All you have to do is Start Here.

Move Them Out Training Kit

The success of a small group is really measured by what happens outside of small group. Like it or not, your groups will get stuck during different phases of their lives, and it’s the job of the small group leader to motivate them to keep moving in the right direction. Move The Out Training Kit gives you the resources you need to cast vision and train small group leaders on the Lead Small principle of Move Them Out.