Tyler Rees

Tyler is the Project Manager working to keep the XP3 Middle School team in line and on time. A Baltimore native now living in the Atlanta area, Tyler has been leading students in worship, communicating in student ministry, and hanging out with the most fun people on Earth—Middle Schoolers—for the last eight years. He’s passionate about both words and music in ministry and gets amped up about helping people get better at both. You can find Tyler most often serving students, visiting the coolest coffee shops, or listening to new music. Neither a cat nor a dog person, Tyler is really just a person person.


Worship Leaders: One Thing To Stop Doing

I’ve noticed something about supervillains recently.

They’ve got massive resources. Their genius is boundless. They always have a carefully crafted plan and focused vision. But still, they’re always brought down in the end by the same thing: the monologue.

You know what I mean, right? They’ve finally got the hero right where they want them, but before they can finish the job, they always pause to give some long speech, inevitably creating just enough time for the hero to come up…

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