Rachael Sibcy

Rachael Sibcy is the Elementary Director at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas. Her heartbeat is for the next generation to discover their truest identity, and for families to awaken to the redemptive and powerful work God wants to do through their households. Wherever she goes, and whatever she does, Rachael wants to influence and encourage the Body of Christ to embrace our role in every family’s journey to eternity.

Orange Leaders

Viewing Transition Through Three Lenses

A friend of mine hiked the Appalachian Trail about a year ago. When he came home, I anticipated hearing him rave about amazing views and a victorious feeling of accomplishment from just hiking through 14 states. I did hear those things, but to my surprise what I heard about most were stories about the people who were right alongside him in the trek. He could have highlighted the 2,200-mile hike, but instead he told…

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