Misty Phillips

Misty Phillips loves connecting, talking strategy and problem solving with leaders. Learning must never stop as you lead—she learned this as a Children’s Ministry leader while she and her husband had four kids. The fun never stops at Misty’s house!

Orange Leaders

What Smart Leaders Know About the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Family calendars fill up fast. We check our list and check it twice. There are choir concerts, school parties, teacher gifts and more. Jingle here. Jingle there.

Smart leaders like you understand that while it’s the most wonderful time of year, it can also be a tumultuous time in families lives. Shared custody challenges, loss of loved ones, absent military family, job loss, finances and so much more. Emotions run high during the holidays. Middle…

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Volunteer, You Are The Awesome Secret Sauce

Dear Volunteer,

Thank you. Thank you for being on the frontlines of ministry each week. You play a unique role to help shape the future of a child’s life. There are not enough thank-you cards to say how grateful we are. Week by week, you plant and share God’s Truth in a relational way kids can put into practice. You prepare before you arrive on Sunday. You meet kids in their world to help them…

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