Kenny Conley

Kenny, a 19-year veteran of kids and family ministry, currently serves as the NextGen Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. His passion to see the next generation come to know and follow Christ propels him to constantly rethink how the church approaches ministry to kids, students and their families. Kenny loves to network and collaborate with ministry leaders around the world to push ministry to new levels. He lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, Sara, and children, Titus, Genevieve and Elle.

Orange Leaders

What Exactly Is NextGen?

Sure, it sounds like a subgenre of science fiction novels or a creative rebrand of a student ministry. But NextGen isn’t really about spaceships or youth ministry terminology. It’s far more strategic than that. Actually, NextGen is one of the fastest growing ministry movements in the local church today. NextGen is simply about the Next Generation, typically infants through high school or sometimes including college.

For the last several decades, the local church typically had…

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