Jeremy Zach

Jeremy aka JZ spent 9 years as a paid, professional youth pastor in the local church. Now JZ is a XP3 OS and gets to spend most of his days connecting and resources student pastors all around the country. Jeremy has been married to Mikaela for 8 years and he has 1 daughter and 2 calico cats. A few things that he enjoys — hot, hot sauce, youtube cat videos and loud EDM music.

Orange Leaders

How To Utilize High School Students As Volunteers

Spiritual growth and serving are connected.

Most students who get spiritually stuck need avenues to do something significant. If we as student pastors want to keep moving students in a better direction we must create consistent opportunities for our students to serve.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of research aimed at why it’s so important for students to serve. The book, Sticky Faith, found that the more students serve and build…

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